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Lead Popup Convertor - OctoberCMS Plugin

How to use the plugin

SEE THE PLUGIN ON OctoberCMS See the plugin on GIT

An OpenSource plugin for OctoberCMS that helps you generate popups depending on more user's actions.

Type of popups you can create
  • After some seconds

    • This popup will appear by default after 10 seconds a user stay on a page.

      The number of seconds can be changed if you fill in a new value when you create or edit a popup.

  • When the user click a button

    • This type of popup will appear when the user will click on a button. The button must have an identifier like an ID or a CLASS so you can se this up when you create the popup.
  • Before user want's to leave the page

    • When the user leave the page or intend to then a popup will appear.



  • The plugin can be installed from the Marketplace. Please see the details here.

  • After installation, you will find a menu on the backend named "LeadsPopupConvertor"


  • Popups menu
    You can create here any popup type you need with your own information
    • NAME: this field is informative for you
    • TYPE: select the type of the popup you want to create
    • CONTENT: editor where you can write anything you need
    • SECONDS: is used only if you chose the type popup "After some seconds"
    • SELECTOR IDENTIFIER: used only if you choose the type popup "When the user click a button"
Next version planning
  • a new popup type
    • Specify an url special for this popup - not ready - still in development: You can place on top of you link ?popupurl=34
  • add forms inside popups