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When a new project is going to be created, whether it is a redesign or a development from scratch, there are a series of questions that must be posed and resolved. Failure to do so implies significant disadvantages: more development time (and therefore higher costs) and greater chances that the project will fail.
Creating a website / project is a team effort: the development team contributes its technical knowledge and the internet environment, and the company (the client) brings its knowledge of the sector, customers and competition.

Check our FAQ section and learn more about our services. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

1What is the cost to develop my web project?
It will depend on what services you want to develop and what benefits the project is intended to have. At IBS we have a team that can develop and / or implement, according to the requirements, complex components that have specific functionalities.

A good development must have five basic aspects:
1) Easy to use and easy to navigate for potential customers / users of the site
2) Easy to use for administration part for the owners / responsible for the contents
3) Stability of the system developed in order to ensure its correct functioning
4) Security of information
5) The integration with the design and desired aesthetics

In IBS we have the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the result that combines, in an optimal way, the five parameters mentioned. This gives to our clients the best development for their project.
2What information will ask me when I decide to start working with your team?
We will ask for some basic information in order to make the offer in accordance with your requirements.

Reference pages
We ask for at least 3 websites examples that you like (design and style). It help us to know your preferences and design your project according to them. The examples do not have to be from the same business area.

Preferred colors
Colors that we can use for backgrounds, menus, buttons, etc.

Structure of the project(categories, sections) and all the information for your project (texts, photos, videos for all parts).

Informations for "Contact" page
your address, phone number, fields for the contact form (name of client, email, phone, message, etc).

Also, depending on your requirements for the project, we will ask you more specific questions.
3What to choose: prebuild or customized web design?
Prebuild designs may be an option if it is clear what are the limitations involved. The main advantage is that they are cheap and fast to implement. It is not a bad option if you are looking for a functional project in a short time and with a low budget.

If you are looking for a unique and exclusive project, tailored to your company, your best option is the custom web design
4How I can place my project on the top positions on Google search?
This is a complex issue and it depends on each project. Basically what most influences the positioning of the sites is:
1) The relevance of the texts regarding the users search;
2) The competition that exists within the search results with your keywords;
3) The amount of quality links to your project;
4) The number of mentions of your project in social networks;
5) The codes developed by our team, which make the web design of each of its pages optimized to be indexed in the search engines..
5Which is the delivery time for my project?
The delivery time depends on the project type (simple website, e-commerce, application, etc) and the design type (prebuild or customized).
To start the development and to reduce the delivery time, it is important that you have all the necessary information about the products and services that you want to show on your project (texts, videos, images, audios, etc).